Personal Insurance


Foster & Associates helps you through the life-cycle of insurance needs. Singles, couples and families have constantly changing insurance needs. Because we have multiple lines of coverage, we can offer you options in coverage that specifically meet your needs while keeping within your budget.


It’s a law that drivers must be insured, and yet the odds of being hit by an uninsured driver are too high to be ignored. Foster & Associates has numerous automobile policies for your consideration whether you’re insuring only yourself or if you’re insuring a teenage driver or multiple driving members in the family.

Other considerations when buying automobile insurance is whether the car is driven year round or just occasionally. Mobile trailers and mobile homes need to be insured just as your home and cars or trucks are. The right choice in coverage is determined by the number of miles you drive each day and whether you’re single or married. Of course, your driving record also has an impact on the rates. Call us to review your automotive needs and you’ll drive with confidence that you have the protection you need.


Like automobiles, watercraft needs to be insured for accidents and loss. It’s simply smart to have coverage for water ski boats, houseboats, speedboats and other watercraft to protect yourself against claims and to be able to replace or repair the watercraft if it’s damaged by hail or hit while being transported to your favorite fishing hole.


Your primary residence, secondary vacation home, maybe even a third or fourth residence need protection from weather damage, fire, break-ins, lightning strikes, floods, and more. Since your home is often your greatest asset, it simply makes sense to protect that asset from loss or claims.

Besides your residence, you may own rental properties or other commercial properties that need to be insured.

A thorough review of the property is the best way to determine the coverage that will meet your needs. Foster & Associates will visit your property when at all possible to build a coverage plan that takes all matters into consideration roof to basement footings and the ground it’s on too.

Valuable Articles

Your precious and valuable articles are not meant to be kept in a safe 100% of the time. The purpose in having special jewelry or collectables, fine art or furs is to wear them and/or enjoy them. The only safe way to have valuable articles on your person or not in a vault is to insure them from damage, theft or loss.

We have options in coverage that will protect your valuables, providing you peace of mind and practicality of pocketbook. Discuss your insurance needs with Foster & Associates today.

Excess Liability

Life changes your insurance coverage needs. Excess Liability insurance comes into the picture when you need coverage that’s beyond what the average person requires. Liability coverage is included in an umbrella policy. An excess liability policy is no broader than that underlying liability policy but its purpose is to provide additional limits of insurance when necessary.

Personal Liability

Your homeowner’s insurance policy provides some level of liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible. Personal Liability covers exclusions and vulnerabilities in your homeowners’ policy.


The need for health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and car insurance are fairly obvious. But if the unexpected happens and you can no longer work due to injury or illness, Disability Insurance provides replacement earnings and security for your financial future.

Disability income insurance helps protect your most valuable asset – your ability to earn an income. Ask Foster & Associates about the Disability Insurance policy that’s right for you at your current earnings level as well as your potential earnings in the future. Their guidance is invaluable.