Life 4 Vets

Beginning in 2016, Life4Vets will donate a percentage of group insurance sales to veteran organizations.

Founded by Ryan Foster, Life4Vets is insurance that you can feel good about. When you invest in insurance coverage through Life4Vets, a portion of the profit your insurance purchase goes to charity organizations that benefit United States Veterans.

Defending the greater good was the reason Ryan Foster enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Coming from a third generation military men—his grandfather and father had served and were heroes in Ryan’s eye and in the community. His forefathers had bravely fought for their country and then returned to Colorado to give back to the community with a greater sense of appreciation for life in these United States.

After serving as a Marine and suffering injuries, Ryan discovered that other vets like himself missed the motivation that had propelled them to perform at the highest levels in the service. That recognition—that a sense of duty to a greater cause was largely absent in civilian life—was the inspiration for Life4Vets. Today, Ryan carries on the legacy of his military experience giving back to veterans a percentage of every life insurance sale made by Life4Vets.

In 2015, Life4Vets donated to veteran organizations.

To learn more, visit or contact Ryan Foster.