Employee Health Care Benefits

Products & Services

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the reason you need Foster & Associates.

It is important for us as your Broker to keep your HR personnel aware of changes, both current and future. We provide online tools and in-person meetings to keep members/clients informed and in compliance. Federal Mandates and IRS rulings will become more frequent in the next couple of years, and Foster & Associates is your resource for guidance.

  • Health Insurance Compliance is a constant challenge because of the PPACA. Having a team of brokers reviewing changes as they develop is a primary service we provide your HR Personnel. Complying with a constant changing healthcare and benefit market can be very trying to a non-insurance professional. We help make the job easier.
  • Broker Educational Services are offered on a number of platforms from one-on-one meetings to online and DVD training.  Foster & Associates is committed to education, starting at the top line of your company. Understanding your products is crucial for all involved. It’s a fact that job satisfaction is enhanced when employees understand the value of the benefit you, the employer, provide. We help communicate that to your team.
  • Benefit Reporting is driven by Foster & Associates’s Broker Liaison. This support is a valuable continuous service. We support your HR personnel ongoing, assisting with required documentation related to any group benefit. We provide updates and answers to questions regarding healthcare compliance as PPACA evolves.
  • Employer mandated taxes and penalties are monitored continually by Foster & Associates as your broker. As PPACA evolves, inevitable changes in IRS mandates will result. This change in the coming years will be interesting, if not daunting to non-insurance professionals. We keep your HR Personnel fully advised of changing requirements related to group health and other benefits as change happens. We’re here to support you every step of the way.
  • Reinsurance document review is completed annually as your policy renews. Ardent review of reinsurance contracts is critical to pricing and product availability. We analyze your contractual agreements to make sure they meet your renewal needs.

Benefit Compliance

Since PPACA is a work in progress, business owners must stay updated on all IRS regulations, related taxes, and mandated HHS. Foster & Associates pledges to keep Customers up-to-date on the evolving healthcare industry with our comprehensive compliance services:

  • Education of HR Personnel and/or Employees
  • One-on-One Consultations with HR Personnel
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Product & Compliance Review
  • Broker Assistance & Review.