Commercial Insurance


The narrative that runs through our business ops and our corporate culture is that each client matters. Genuinely.

It’s a theme that carries forward in our communications and responsiveness. It’s why customers stick with Foster & Associates for decades.

Foster & Associates is your first line of defense in protecting your business.  We prepare a solid strategy to protect and ensure your security. When your business is safe, it is more productive and ultimately more profitable.

General Liability

The cornerstone of business insurance is General Liability Insurance. Commercial general liability insurance protects your assets in the event of a lawsuit for almost any reason: negligence, personal injury, errors, omissions, faulty products, libel, slander, data breaches, and more.

Foster & Associates is your specialist in General Liability Insurance. We build your coverage to protect critical areas of your business operations including bodily injury, property damage, contractual liability, damages to property you rent or occupy, even a special option that covers your websites, blogs and complex liability claims.

Business Automobile

Commercial automotive insurance is essential to protect your company whether you’re operating a single vehicle or a fleet, business automotive insurance protects your company. Commercial auto insurance can cover hired or borrowed vehicles, lease or loan gaps, electronics, and the obvious—accidents. Without proper automotive coverage, you and the company owner, can become personally responsible.

Foster & Associates will build a company vehicle insurance coverage plan that addresses your specific needs for your business operations. We’ve all heard the saying “It’s the other guy you need to watch out for.” Don’t be that other guy. Get the right coverage in place today.

Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Comp insurance is a mandatory insurance for many businesses. You can’t get around it, so do it right with Foster & Associates. Workers’ Comp covers medical costs and a portion of lost wages of an employee who becomes injured or ill on the job.

The variables of risk in any business operations determines the rates for coverage. We bring you the best lines to cover your specific operations and achieve the lowest rate too. Don’t risk legal non-compliance or a lawsuit.


Do you own the building where you conduct business? Do you have more than one location? What about the equipment inside that building? These are among the many considerations when guarding the future of your business.

Named Perils policies list exactly what is covered by your policy, while Open Perils (or All Perils) policies delineate what is excluded from coverage. Most importantly, Foster & Associates will help you understand the options in comprehensive property insurance that will work best for your exact needs. And we’ll help you understand the terms and meanings of different coverages.

Inland Marine including Builders’ Risk and Contractors Equipment

Foster & Associates provides coverage for industry of every type—from highway construction to oil drilling operations. Our clients range from small to mid-size operations with worksites in North America, the United States, plus Central and South America. Inland Marine Builders’ Risk and Contractors Equipment coverage is highly specialized.

Foster & Associates is a single source solution for businesses across all market sectors. The commonality among our clients is that they’ve grown to trust our recommendations and our responsiveness when claims do arise.

Umbrella and Excess Liability

When risk-taking is part of your daily business operations, Umbrella and Excess Liability Insurance products provide additional protection against catastrophic loss—both locally and worldwide. Extend your primary insurance protection a step further with Umbrella and Excess Liability insurance products. Umbrella Liability Insurance begins where primary policies end, providing flexible protection with two separate insurance coverages.

No business is immune to catastrophic loss. When you need significant excess liability limits, Foster & Associates can construct a liability program that reduces concerns you have about coverage differences.

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and officers liability Insurance (called D+O Insurance) covers directors and officers of an organization or business for claims made against them while serving as a director and/or officer. D+O liability insurance payable to the directors and officers of a company, or to the organization(s) itself.

A company’s directors or officers can be sued for their management decisions by any number of parties—other board members, stockholders, employees, co-workers, customers, you name it. Protect your top tier leadership and your company with D+O coverage designed by Foster & Associates to meet your specific needs and budget.


Fidelity Bonds are a form of insurance protection that covers policyholders for losses incurred as a result of fraudulent acts by specific individuals and dishonest acts. These insurance policies protect from losses of company monies, securities, and other property from employees who have a manifest intent to cause the company loss. Fidelity bonds are an agreement whereby, for a designated sum of money, one party agrees to guarantee the loyalty and honesty of an agent, officer, and others.

While called bonds, these obligations to protect an employer from employee-dishonesty losses are really insurance policies. Foster & Associates has a proven track record in writing Fidelity Bonds that can protect your company.

Liquor Liability

If you’re serving, you need coverage. Alcohol-related liability claims are filed against bars, taverns and restaurants are often the result of poor judgment on the part of a server. Proactive training can help protect against liquor-induced claims of being overserved. Yet, establishments serving alcohol need coverage specifically for Liquor Liability.

Foster & Associates carefully constructs coverage for your restaurant or venue that includes appropriate assault and battery coverage plus coverage for litigation costs including the fees to retain an attorney and court costs.

Pollution Liability

In the construction business, it’s important to weigh whether you need Pollution Liability insurance, coverage for third-party claims for bodily injury and/or property damage from pollution incidents resulting from the contractor's covered operations.

Contractors Pollution Liability insurance is issued on a non-admitted basis and provides insurance for third-party claims for bodily injury and/or property damage and insurance for remediation costs stemming from pollution incidents resulting from the contractor's covered operations.

When your project entails the unknown underground or on any part of the property, you’ll want this kind of protection. Foster & Associates can help.

Employment Practices Liability

In a politically correct, politically-charged environment like today, human resources practices have never been under more scrutiny and the country is seeing increased numbers of claims against the employer. This type of liability insurance covers wrongful acts arising from the employment process.

Called EPLI, this insurance covers businesses against claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated, including claims of discrimination and wrongful termination based on age, sex, race and more. Let Foster & Associates show you the differences between coverage under EPLI and Workers’ Comp so that you understand how to best protect your company.


Cyber policies are relatively new in the insurance world. When your business uses or retains customer’s personal information such as Social Security Number of credit card numbers and that information is stolen by a hacker or criminal who has gained access to the firm’s electronic network, your business is at risk.

These policies cover a business' liability for a data breach in which the firm's customers' personal information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers, is exposed or stolen by a hacker or other criminal who has gained access to the firm's electronic network. Foster & Associates offers Cyber Policies to protect your operations.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), this coverage is designed to protect businesses that offer professional and personal services—doctors, lawyers, and more. E+O insurance protects you in the event that a client is harmed or claims to have been harmed from a service or advice that you provide for which you are held legally liable.

Professional Liability Insurance helps protect professional advice- and service-providing individuals and companies from bearing the full cost of defending the business against claims. If your business is one that falls under this professional category, Foster & Associates can direct you to a policy that will protect you in the event a claim is made against you.